Precious Lil' Ones

Testimonials - Our Successful stories

Mrs Anupama Sajan & Mr Sajan Jose.

Betty Ma'm-You are the best teacher a child could have!We are so thankful to you for the enriching experience Sharalee had at PLOA.It has been an awesome learning ground for her.We wish you all the very best in all your future endeavors at PLOA.God bless.

Jahnvi Kadam.

Considering the age factor of the kids, this playgroup/day care centre has well qualified teachers and the owner (betty) herself has a good qualification in child phsycology. Its well organised and reasonable. Every care a parent would require for his/her child is taken care of in PLOPDC. I would recommend this place to all the parents.

Inderpal Singh

Precious Lil' Ones Preschool is a wonderful preschool with very personable, dedicated and caring staff. My Child has learnt so much and developed as confident individual since attending this centre. Through the staff's guidance and structured activities we have watched the confidence grow and important social skills develop in our children that they will need, in particular, as they progress through schooling life. We cannot thank the staff enough for the wonderful experience they have provided for our child Jaideep.

Viresh Bhatnagar

In the year 2009 I was posted in the UK working for an Airline as an IT Quality Officer. My wife and my 1 year old son Saksham had returned to Mumbai. I was in the UK and my wife had taken up a job but the biggest challenge we faced was how, when and with who should we leave a 1 year old child. We needed someone we could blindly rely on and a place which was not too expensive. From UK I was calling people and back in India my wife had already contacted 20-25 people but none gave us that confidence that we could leave such a small child. While still trying to look for a reliable person, my wife happened to see the advert of Precious Little Ones. It was stroke of luck that we got introduced to Ms Betty Williams who was running this place. It changed not even our lives but also my son Sakshams life. Where initially he used to miss his parents a lot, he started to enjoy going to PLO. Soon we found that his personality had started changing. He was bold, confident, cheerful and had started enjoying the fact that Mummy and Daddy go to office and he goes to his Office (school). Betty, I have never told you one fact that I was away for 6 months form Saksham and when I returned and as a surprise decided to pick him from his class on 02-Dec-2009, Saksham saw me and started crying and was confused. He wanted to come to me but at the same time, didnt want to leave his school. That mixed emotions from a 1 brought tears in my eyes and I was so happy that we made the right decision in sending our son to you. In the year to follow, he became a well groomed toddler. The effect of your efforts can be seen till now. We are back in the UK and now he is in Year-1 but he is the best in English speaking/reading, Mathematics, Drama and Singing. From the bottom of our hearts, both my wife and I thank you for grooming our child into a smart and confident young fellow that he has become. THANK YOU SO MUCH and I wish that PLO just keeps growing and lots and lots of people benefit out of it. I can be contacted on my email in case someone wishes to contact me as I can vouch for you anytime THANK YOU.